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Dehumidification Training
Just For Reps

Learn more about dehumidification technology, to build your knowledge and sales

We are thankful for our Representatives’ dedication to Munters, and you may know a lot about dehumidification and climate control. But what if you knew just a little more? More than the competition, and more to help you close the next sale.

And what if you had less information, but more technical ammunition to quickly combat all competitive dehumidification and critical climate control arguments?

A better training experience

In this course tailored just for Reps, we’ll cover critical climate control aspects and tools like psychrometrics, moisture removal and load calculations methods. But we’re committed to making it a meaningful experience for everyone. That’s why we’ll include shorter training sessions, with a variety of experts. The presentations will be more visual and interactive – mixed in with a little fun along the way!

What do you want to learn?

You’re at plants and customer sites daily and know the customer. So let us know the tech topics that you’d like us to cover. Submit your topics during registration.

Why you can’t afford not to attend

  • It's for every Rep: Both new hires, and established Reps looking for a tech refresh
  • You influence the training: Let us know what you’d like to learn – it’s your training
  • A right time to re-connect: With fellow Reps, but also with Munters
  • An affordable price: One flat fee is all we’re charging
  • Identify NEW Market opportunities: See where we’ve found new opportunities!